Kushnir IBC hedge fund is registered in Liechtenstein (Swiss jurisdiction).
The company's licenses for investment and cryptocurrency services enable it to meet the financial needs of clients anyplace in the world.
CryptoBank basée sur la blockchain utilise KushnirCoin pour effectuer des investissements miniers via un jalonnement de preuve d'espace pour couvrir les frais de gestion et de transaction liés à l'exploitation de la blockchain, ainsi que les activités des partenaires du family office (Société de fiducie privée) en tant que commissions de performance dans d'autres juridictions, formant ainsi le KushnirFund IBC international holding. Les actifs sont ensuite répartis entre les stratégies réelles du fonds au moyen de la moyenne des positions.

Nous sommes prêts à fournir une startup qui développe une plateforme de trading informatique quantique pour algorithmiser les marchés mondiaux de 2025.
La stratégie comprend l'optimisation du cadre réglementaire pour assurer un courtage bancaire numérique intelligent et la gestion des opérations fiduciaires dans diverses juridictions; l'obtention de licences de banque centrale pour les services bancaires numériques; analyser les licences de crypto-monnaie; soutenir le développement informatique; et consolidation de la propriété intellectuelle.
L'équipe continue d'attirer des investissements et du personnel en science des données.
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Development history and strategic perspectives

* yield percentages are shown for individual positions exceeding 25% of the fund's capital at the moment of profit recognition. The investment income has passed the financial audit, with taxes subsequently paid in jurisdictions with preferential taxation.

2024 - registering Crypto Smart Banking as WealthTech.
2023 - IDO in compliance with DeFi legal and regulatory provisions.
2022 - active staking of KushnirCoin by OTC trading within the fund at 18.10% (using multisig validation).
2021 - obtaining a cryptocurrency license in Zug (Crypto Valley).
2020 - launching KushnirFund's first DeFi blockchain project (DAO Maker).
2019 - increasing the position in gold and silver futures market in preparation for the global economic downturn.
2015 - first investments in Bitcoin.
2013 - entering international stock market platforms.
2011 - registering the company in Liechtenstein (Swiss jurisdiction).
2008 - investing in blue-chip companies in developing markets.
KR coin - investment Bank crypto.

- internal stable cryptocurrency of our CryptoBank

- ability to preserve and multiply your Capital

- contactless payment

- KR tool for reinvestment in real economy via our Hedge fund structures

- key thing: global ECO Earth4All mining using specialized Lock UP wallets

- Quantum AI.
KUSH coin – confirmed by the diamond fund

- the coin for open stock trading
- volatility and ability to earn money. X10-X300 profits
- reasonable risks
- DeFi DAO

10.11.2023 we competed
the creation of
KUSHNIR cryptocurrencies.
It took us
3 years from 2020
over 3 mln$
and 63 IT professionals.
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